Our universes

a map to locate you
Compass and clues to guide you
Characters are challenging you

The graphics and scenarios are aimed at specific end-users and add impact to their experience. Here are some examples of our achievements.


Work on updating the image of the ONF (National Forest Office): we applied video game standards to illustrate different aspects of forest management.
The “knight” represents engineering, the “elf” represents ecology, the “barbarian” stands for production and the “magician” for the transmission of the foresters’ ancestral knowledge.

Club med

The characters were created to illustrate the 4 kinds of challenge in Club Med’s future adventure game applications. The first is General Knowledge, the second is Observation, the third is the Wacky challenges category and the forth is Speed.

Merveille, Fripouille and the magic compass

Merveille and Fripouille, two little fairies, were created for young children. We developed an offbeat story to help them identify the different tree species in the forest. You have to find the magic words to bring Merveille back to her normal size!

The treasures of Flers

Honouring the value of mining heritage: nostalgic grandparents and their families will be moved by Dani the Red’s story. Meet a little boy who tells you about his life and grows up as you walk. At the end of the walk, you discover that Daniel is a very real character!

The Secret of Reposoir

Medieval fantasy and historical facts are intertwined in this game to offer an original way of finding out about the construction of the monastery. Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones were the inspiration behind this exploration game.

BV Rando and Ptit Loup

Characters like P’tit Loup and the squirrel that guards the great oak tree were invented to take children on an adventure. Their friendly faces go with you all the way. Whether you’re up in the mountains, by a lake or out in the country, they will tell you all their secrets.

Work process

The development process takes place in the following stages to best meet your needs:

Launching and brainstorming
Creation of the environment and scenario
Graphic design – modelling
First validation step
Creation, gathering and adaptation of content
Laying out the trail and field tests
Second validation step – delivery
Updates of the app and trails


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