The advent of ExplorGames®: a sustainable trend

The digitalisation market is constantly coming up with new concepts that change our way of doing things and create new habits. In this context, it is clear that some breakthroughs are bound to have wide-scale applications. Explor Games® is one of them. But what exactly does this new approach entail and what are some of its applications?

A pool of expertise for a new concept

Explor Games®, as a concept, brings together existing tools that, over time converge toward a single objective: to offer applications and digital devices to bring an adventure to life, discover a site, etc. This brings to mind the different mobile apps that are used in hotels, tourist sites, etc., to create the Wow! factor. Now Explor Games® is the new term in vogue to describe activities where players are guided on a scripted course, previously referred to as Gamification.

Explor Games® devices therefore clearly highlight the desire to place the user experience at the heart of their model. More than a simple concept, Explor Games® is the visible expression of a profound shift that now makes it possible to design and promote new ways of discovering sites, where the user becomes the hero.

The maturing of the sector and the market

This development also reflects a rebound in a market that is becoming mature and federative. Many gamification projects that were standalone, or merely communication gadgets only a few years ago, are now widely used on sites of all sizes: Club Med with Club Med Play, the resort of Flaine, the Escapades Verticales adventure park, or the Terra Botanica theme park, to name but a few. Explor Games® has a foot in the international market too: Trees Adventure Park in Australia, is about to add three trails to the treetop courses already on offer. Common technology and behaviour patterns are the reasons for this because, beyond the generalisation of smartphones and tablets, users and visitors everywhere now wish to be completely immersed in the experience when they go out to explore.

This is precisely where technology can match expectations. An abundance of possibilities and a fun storyline adapted to the expectations of different types of audience will ensure an unforgettable experience.

Explor Games® has become the new Buzz Word in the world of mobile devices that enhance tourist site discovery. By bringing together all the activities of scripted exploration games, Explor Games® is opening the way for the industry to be structured around a single, easily-identified standard.



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