Explor’Games®, digitalisation and user-experience

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Explor’Games, digitalisation and user-experience: the new keywords for the tourist industry.

The world of tourism and outdoor site discovery is undoubtedly a booming market. Digital technology is radically changing a sector where there has been little innovation up to now. So, in addition to the traditional attractions of some locations, the approach combining walks and digital is clearly emerging as a new way of exploring outdoor sites.

When digital technology enhances the visitor’s experience

The ultimate aim for many tourism operators, is to transform the visitor into a hero on a quest. But achieving this objective is undoubtedly a complex process. It involves the careful deployment and implementation of discovery devices and routes where visitors will be totally immersed in the adventure.

This is precisely where the idea of user-experience comes in. In our example of a visit to a tourist site, real-life experience is enhanced by adding different elements, such as augmented reality, short animations and games.

Tablets are used during site visits and contribute to the Wow! effect.

Digital devices can play a leading role when it comes to exploring a site, but how does this actually work? Quite simply by using new types of apps on a mobile device, usually a tablet. The visitor is then immersed in the real world (the location) as well as the virtual world (with the tablet), making the most of both worlds to discover the environment in a new light.

It can be in the form of a game, like scavenger or a treasure hunt or a more relaxed mode with more detailed information about certain points. Whatever the final objective, Explor Games® take the visitor on a real discovery trail.

Explor Games® clearly provide innovation to the sector of outdoor site discovery. Benefitting from the many advantages of digital technology, Explor Games® will continue to grow significantly in the coming years, to attract visitors in search of new adventures. As proof of this, we need look no further than the many sites and establishments that already offer these games, advertising the fact to stand out from their competitors and attract the public. Whether in forests, natural sites, hotels or theme parks, gaming, and more generally, Explor Games® have widespread applications in the tourist industry.

Charles DUMOULIN, Co-founder of Atelier Nature

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