An offbeat, interactive spring with the team and Explor’Games®

It’s time to go out and enjoy nature’s awakening. But what could entice you out of hibernation?

Atelier Nature and their Explor’Games®! Our team designs fully customised adventure games for tablets or smartphones so that families and groups can get out and explore locations together. They are a great way to connect people with the real world.

When entertainment serves culture

Adventure games have exceptional entertainment value, creating interaction between family or group members, so they never forget the thrill of the quest.

In addition to providing entertainment, they can also stir curiosity and spark a desire to learn: we remember better when we’re on a quest! The knowledge in our games is not intended to be encyclopaedic:  learning is part of a fun process that requires observation and responses to the scenario created for that specific site.

Some new games to get the 2019 summer season off to a good start:

Sherwood Parc, Les Rochers de Maguelone, Grimmland® (La Roque d’Anthéron), Montpellier-le-Vieux, Saxel, Angles Aventures (station Les Angles), Forez Aventures (Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert), Parc du Bois de la Folie (Treigny), Megève, Montluçon, Publier et biens d’autres

Our solutions are designed for you.


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